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John Musto: Piano Concertos and Rags

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International Record Review (IRR Outstanding Award)


In recent years, John Musto has been praised as one of America's great musical talents. Fanfare magazine called him “not just the leading vocal composer of his generation, but perhaps also the leading one of opera.” Musto's operas, his chamber music, and his prolific catalog of songs and song cycles have been performed and recorded by a plethora of leading artists, giving us a very clear picture of his range and accomplishment. Missing until now, however, has been a recording of two of his major works- the two concertos for piano and orchestra. This recording presents Musto's own superb interpretations of his two concertos- No. 1, a thirty-minute dark, brooding score; and No. 2 a joyous and extroverted celebration. As encores, Musto performs two of his delicious Concert Rags. These other John Musto recordings are available on Bridge: Songs of John Musto (BRIDGE 9286); the opera, Bastianello (BRIDGE 9299A/B).



All the works here require a formidable technician to even attempt them, and Musto’s skill at the keyboard certainly impresses. Both orchestras cope well with the demands made on them, while conductors Yoo and Cortese clearly have the measure of this music and show considerable expertise in keeping it all together. Kudos to Bridge Records for unearthing this terrific music and getting it recorded.” - Fanfare

Musto here gives me as much hope as anyone has for the future of the piano concerto.” - International Record Review (IRR Outstanding Award)

What we get in the concertos are highly charged energy, a preoccupation with alert, exciting rhythms, a scintillating piano style, and a fearlessness in indulging himself in bravura that I find very welcome in these emotionally guarded times. It filled me with renewed optimism for the contemporary classical music scene. Delicious!” - Phil’s Classical Reviews

“For all its unabashed virtuosity the music recorded here is more than just a parade of empty showpieces; the writing has structural integrity and lots of character, qualities that invite repeated hearings. Musto the performer is the linchpin though, and he transforms this already desirable collection into something rather special. Pyrotechnics aplenty; music of substance, too.” - MusicWeb International


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Piano Concerto No. 1 (1988/2005)
John Musto, piano
Odense Symphony Orchestra
Scott Yoo, conductor

Two Concert Rags: Regrets (1996); In Stride (1990)
John Musto, piano

Piano Concerto No. 2 (2006)
John Musto, piano
Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra
Glen Cortese, conductor