Jan DeGaetani: Early Music Recital

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Released for the first time ever, this concert recording of Jan DeGaetani showcases the legendary mezzo's work in the field of early music- recorded in 1977, and the peak of her powers. It is a little known fact the DeGaetani's career started as a performer of early music, so that this disc is a revelatory addition to her discography. The spectacular flexibility and purity of intonation that DeGaetani brought to so many contemporary scores serve her beautifully in this well-recorded document. Accompanied by the great lutenist Paul O'Dette, as well as viola da gamba player Judith Davidoff and a shawm player Philip West, this recital ranges from the Medieval music through the Renaissance, and includes music by John Dowland, Donato de Cascia, Hayne van Ghizeghem, Giulio Caccini, and Oswald von Wolkenstein.



“Here is intimate music making, alternately joyous and sad, at its finest. Endowed with a lustrous instrument, a refined technique, and impeccable artistic instincts, DeGaetani’s ultimate gift lies in going out on an emotional and musical limb with every piece she performs.” - ArkivMusic

“DeGaetani puts her emotional all into this love-dashed eruption of disbelief, bitter acceptance and longing for death as final release.” - JWR (Classical Sentinel)



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John Dowland (ca.1563-1626)
1 Dear, if you change (2:22)
2 All ye, whom Love or Fortune (2:00)
3 Whoever thinks or hopes of love (3:37)
4 Can she excuse my wrongs? (1:19)
5 Sorrow, stay (3:32)
6 A shepherd in a shade (1:56)

Donatus de Florentia (14th Century)
7 Sovran uccello se'fra tutti gli altri (3:24)

Hayne van Ghizeghem (15th Century)
8 De tous bien plaine (3:47)
9 Amors amors (6:28)

10 Filles a marier (:53)

Luzzasco Luzzaschi (1545-1607)
11 Aura soave (2:35)
12 Amarilli, mia bella (2:43)
13 Belle Rose porporine (1:16)

Oswald von Wolkenstein (ca. 1377-1445)
14 Stand auff Maredel! Liebes Gredel (2:12)
15 Der Mai mit lieber zal (2:50)
16 Ach, senleicher leiden (1:35)
17 Du, auserweltes schöns mein herz (2:13)
18 Wer die augen wil verschüren (1:27)
19 Fröleich geschrai so well wir machen (1:39)

Jan DeGaetani, mezzo-soprano
Paul O'Dette, lute
Judith Davidoff, viola da gamba and vielle
Philip West, shawms


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