Peruvian Honeymoon
Andrew Rangell, piano

$ 14.99

Andrew Rangell's recital disc, "Peruvian Honeymoon", presents a wildly eclectic mixture of music from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Ranging from the exquisite sonatas of Mozart and Haydn, through Christian Wolff's Beatles-inspired "Peruvian Honeymoon", Rangell takes the listener on a journey that consistently provides superb pianism, and abundant musical delights. Among the treats in this collection, one can sample the rarely heard music of the mid-20th century Norwegian composer, Fartein Valen, Stravinsky's droll and sinuous "Tango", and a delicious selection of Chopin Waltzes.



“Rangell’s ‘Peruvian Honeymoon’ is a winning collection, especially valuable for its rare pieces of music and, to my ears, for its nearly ideal rendition of a wonderful Haydn sonata.” - Fanfare



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Waltz in D-Flat, Op. 70, No. 3
Waltz in F-minor, Op. 70, No. 2
Waltz in A-flat, Op. 69, No. 1
Waltz in F, Op. 34, No. 3
Polonaise in E-flat min., Op. 26, No. 2

Christian Wolff
Peruvian Honeymoon

Sonata in C, K. 330

Fartein Valen
Variations, Op. 23

Sonata in E-flat, Hob. 49


Andrew Rangell, piano


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