The Music of Elliott Carter, Vol. 6

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In celebration of Elliott Carter’s 97th birthday, Bridge Records is proud to be issuing Volume Six of its Elliott Carter Edition. This series of recordings has garnered high critical praise including three Grammy nominations, BBC Music Magazine’s “Best of the Year”and the ASCAP Deems Taylor Prize. Volume Six features violin virtuoso Rolf Schulte’s highly anticipated recording of Carter’s Violin Concerto, and listeners will surely be thrilled by his electrifying performance. Schulte, in a spectacularly gripping account of Carter’s masterpiece, gives us state-of-the-art violin playing, and British conductor Justin Brown leads the Odense Symphony Orchestra of Denmark in a reading that captures the detailed and panoramic emotional range of this score. Schulte then steps into the spotlight with a superb account of Carter’s collection of violin solos- Four Lauds. Rolf Schulte was the dedicatee of the final movement of this set, “Fantasy- Remembering Roger” (1999), and his performance here takes up where his Violin Concerto reading leaves off. What ultimately makes Schulte’s readings of Carter’s music so exceptionally satisfying is his complete mastery of the technical aspects of this music. Schulte’s playing is so assured and deeply committed that he has the rare ability to transcend the music’s surface difficulties, and reveal its humanistic emotional core. Volume Six concludes with a performance of Carter’s early Holiday Overture, a brassy and celebratory composition that heralded the end of World War II and led to the beginning of Carter’s mature style. Notes by British musicologist Malcolm McDonald, and a number of rare photographs of the composer complete this disc.



“If you’re ever going to have an Elliott Carter epiphany, then this might be the disc to bring it on. Perfectly balanced, vivid sonics round out a disc that really does offer the most sympathetic means possible for entry into the challenging style of this brilliant, difficult composer.” -

“Despite the pleasing tonality and unapologetic American-ness of Carter’s 1945 Holiday Overture...the dense counterpoint and rhythmic complexity are nonetheless already in place. The aggressively modernist Carter we usually think of came of age shortly afterward and is still going strong in the Violin Concerto (1990), where musical lines need firm guidance from the podium. Justin Brown shows a sure sense of each line and its destination.” - Gramophone

“...the performance of the Violin Concerto on the other CD is especially interesting...Rolf Schulte gives the whole concerto an almost fevered intensity.” - BBC Music Magazine


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Elliott Carter

Violin Concerto (1990)
Rolf Schulte, violin
Odense Symphony Orchestra
Justin Brown, conductor

Four Lauds for solo violin (1984-2000)
Rolf Schulte, violin

Holiday Overture (1945, rev. 1961)
Odense Symphony Orchestra
Donald Palma, conductor


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