Music of Poul Ruders, Vol. 5

$ 14.99

Poul Ruders has composed some of the most exhilarating music of our time. This is the latest in Bridge's series of discs devoted to the music of the Danish master, and is the widest ranging in scope thus far. The five works heard here span a twenty year period of Ruders's work, and include three orchestral pieces, the stunning neo-classic duo, Cembal d'Amore, for harpsichord and piano, and a luminous solo harp piece. Whether composing an effervescent concert opener like the recent Light Overture, or writing about the darkest recesses of the human mind, as in The Second Nightshade, Ruders composes music that communicates directly and powerfully with the listener.

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Poul Ruders

Light Overture (2006)
Alabama Symphony Orchestra, Justin Brown, conductor

Cembal d'Amore, First Book (1986)
Stephen Gosling, piano, Steven Beck, harpsichord

Credo (1996)
Odense Symphony Orchestra, Justin Brown, conductor

Air with Changes on a Danish Folk Song (1993)
June Han, harp

The Second Nightshade (1991)
Odense Symphony Orchestra, Paul Mann, conductor


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