Poul Ruders: Nightshade Trilogy
Ruders Edition: Vol. 12

$ 14.99

Nightshade Trilogy was composed by Poul Ruders over a span of 17 years- between 1986 and 2003. In the composer's words, it is “a collection of compositions that evoke for me an almost Gothic association with pale moonlight, tombstones crypts and the elusive shadows deep inside an ancient forest at the deep of night.”



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Poul Ruders:

Nightshade for 10 instruments
Capricorn, Oliver Knussen, conductor

The Second Nightshade (A Symphonic Nocturne), for chamber orchestra
Odense Symphony Orchestra, Paul Mann, conductor

Final Nightshade (An Adagio of the Night) for symphony orchestra
Odense Symphony Orchestra, Scott Yoo, conductor


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