Debussy: Études, Children's Corner
Aleck Karis, piano

$ 14.99

This recording presents two of Claude Debussy's enduring masterpieces- the Children's Corner suite (1908), and his brilliant- Études (Books 1 & 2) (1915), played by the American pianist, Aleck Karis. Mr. Karis has performed recitals, chamber music, and concertos across the Americas, Europe, Japan,and China. His six solo discs for Bridge Records include music of Chopin/Carter/Schumann (BRIDGE 9001) Mozart (BRIDGE 9011), Stravinsky (BRIDGE 9051), Cage (BRIDGE 9081A/B) Feldman/Webern/Wolpe (BRIDGE 9420) and Poulenc (BRIDGE 9459). Karis studied piano with William Daghlian, Artur Balsam and Beveridge Webster. He is a distinguished professor of music at the University of California, San Diego.

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Études (1915)

Book I

Book II

Children's Corner (1908)



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