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Steven Mackey
Interior Design

$ 14.99

This disc presents premiere recordings of three works by the American composer, Steven Mackey. The disc features violin virtuoso Curtis Macomber on all three works, and documents the long relationship that Macomber has had with Mackey’s music. Macomber writes: “Much of what I find so successful in Steve’s music is that kind of willingness to explore the immediate, the vulnerable, the personal and sometimes the downright silly. He’ll tap from whatever source suits the moment, be it a naive children’s tune or some bluesy plaint. There’s an intelligence and a discerning judgement for proportion and scope, but it’s his audacious use of the vernacular that I particularly love and enjoy playing.” The three works recorded on this CD certainly indulge in the traits mentioned by Macomber, and benefit tremendously from the violinist’s committed, heroically played performances.

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Steven Mackey

Sonata for Violin and Piano (1996)
Curtis Macomber, violin; Aleck Karis, piano

Interior Design (2003)
Curtis Macomber, violin

Humble River (1997)
Susan Nidel, flute; Curtis Macomber, violin; Maureen Gallagher, viola
Gregory Hesselink, violoncello


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