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A Bridge to Bach
Andrew Rangell, piano

$ 14.99
A Bridge to Bach <br> Andrew Rangell, piano <BR> BRIDGE 9216

Andrew Rangell's latest disc is a recital of compositions that the pianist connects, in various ways, to the music of J.S. Bach. Most of the works which comprise this recital were written in the early to middle 1600's, and Rangell writes that: "one can hear fleeting soundprints of Bach here and there: moments of the Goldberg Variations in Sweelinck's Linden Grüne variations or the Tomkins Voluntary; the contrapuntal abstractions of the Art of the Fugue surfacing in Sweelinck's long fantasy or Froberger's mystical ricercares; dance rhythms and metrical patterns from innumerable Bach suites, prefigured in the pavanes and galliards. Though many-faceted, this program is essentially intimate and interior in character. "A Bridge to Bach" -- a figurative, slightly fanciful designation-- is a metaphor meant to suggest how, for me, all the present pieces are linked, spanned, connected, encompassed. Andrew Rangell's though-provoking recordings for Bridge have sparked considerable debate for their individualistic approach to repertoire and performance practice. Charles Michener in the NY Observer writes: "such was Rangell's intensity like the late Glenn Gould, he seemed to be propelled by an irresistible force that the listener's attention was riveted to the music."



“Andrew Rangell’s free-spirited Bach is distinguished by its powerful drive and intensity and a remarkable articulation that illuminates contrapuntal intricacies with microscopic clarity.” - The New York Times

“Rangell uses the piano’s full resources to play this music, and this gives his performances colors, excitement, and relevance of their own. Rangell also has a clear advantage in terms of engineering. Bridge’s sound is far superior to what Columbia was giving Gould in the 1960’s.” - Classical Net



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Orlando Gibbons
Lord of Salisbury Pavane and Galliard

Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck
Mein Junges Leben Hat Ein
More Palatino
Fantasia (G Dorian)
Unter der Linden Grüne

William Tisdall
Pavana Chromatica (Mrs. Katherin Tregian's Paven)

Thomas Tomkins
A Sad Pavane for These Distracted Times

Johann Froberger
Ricercare VI (C Sharp)
Ricercare XIII (F)

Ludwig van Beethoven
Fuga, Op. 131

Giles Farnaby
Loth to Depart

Johann Sebastian Bach
Sinfonia in F Minor


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