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Poul Ruders Edition, Volume 9

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In recent years Bridge's Poul Ruders Edition has focused on the Danish composer's symphonic music, including the Grammy-nominated Piano Concerto No. 2 and the large Symphony No. 4 'An Organ Symphony'. Ruders, though mostly known for his operas and symphonic music, has also produced a steady output of solo and chamber music, frequently composing extended cycles of short pieces for friends and virtuosi. This recording contains several of these cycles heard in their premiere recording.



Lerner’s sense of color and poetry washed the music with every possible evocative tinge, and the collection, ending appropriately with ‘Feux d’artifice,’ offered Debussy at his most imaginative, played with stunning insight and control.” - Bryon Belt, Newhouse Newspapers

“The disc consists of thirty-seven tracks hence this has proven to be a good demonstration of Ruders the eclectic miniaturist. The mood of these miniatures swings between manic and quiet and thoughtful and fascinating. The last one of these not especially strict canons, is a diatonic, simple melody taken from, of all things, the composer’s 2008 Concertino for bass trombone and ensemble. It's quite ingenious. The recordings of all the pieces, although made at different times and in different venues, are consistent in volume, balance and focus.” - MusicWeb International


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Poul Ruders

New Rochelle Suite (2003/6)
David Starobin, guitar; Daniel Druckman, percussion

Twinkle Bells (Piano Etude No. 2) (2012)
David Holzman, piano

Schrödinger's Cat (12 Canons for Violin and Guitar) (2012)
Amalia Hall, violin, David Starobin, guitar

Romances (2011)
Hsin-Yun Huang, viola; Sarah Rothenberg, piano

13 Postludes (1988)
David Holzman, piano


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