Quattro Mani: Re-Structures

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Quattro Mani's latest disc has the intrepid duo playing a far-ranging selection of new compositions.  The Hungarian Kurtág's microtonal pianos, The Danish Ruders's virtuosic harpsichord & piano writing, and Tod Machover's Boulez tribute give the disc an international flavor that even includes Tango by way of Israeli composer Ofer Ben-Amots.



Re-Structures is an adventurous exploration of many facets of 21st century piano music: highly recommended.” - Christian B. Carey

Susan Grace and Steven Beck are not just accomplished performers. Their chemistry makes the Quattro Mani work—and work well. Re-Structures is an adventurous program. And I think it succeeds in expanding the scope of what two pianists can do.” - WTJU91.1FM

Their new recording is a wonderfully programmed disc of contemporary works for two pianos plus a variety of other instruments. Poul Ruders’ Cembal D’Amore places the piano mostly on the left audio channel while the harpsichord occupies the centre and right of the audio spectrum. Not only is the stereo effect immediately engaging but the writing too grabs the attention with very clever keyboard combinations and colouristic effects. Ofer Ben-Amots’ Tango for the Road provides a memorable finish to this excellent production.” - theWholeNote

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Quattro Mani: Re-Structures
Steven Beck, Susan Grace, pianos

Paul Lansky: Out of the Blue (2015) for two pianos

Poul Ruders: Cembal D'Amore (Second Book) (2007) for harpsichord (Steven Beck) and piano (Susan Grace)

Tod Machover: Re-Structures (2015) for two pianos and live electronics

György Kurtág: Életút Lebenslauf, op. 32, for two pianos and two basset horns
Andy Stevens, Sergei Vassiliev, basset horns

Ofer Ben-Amots: Tango for the Road (2015) for two pianos  


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