Paul Lansky: Imaginary Islands

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Paul Lansky's burgeoning career shift — from composer of computer-generated music, to composer of music written for, as he humorously puts it, "carbon-based life forms" — is documented on the present recording, comprising three symphonic works created during the past five years. Shapeshifters for two pianos and orchestra was commissioned by The Alabama Symphony and Justin Brown for the piano duo Quattro Mani. The title, Shapeshifters, denotes a kind of homage to music's ability to change and morph itself in uncanny and unusual ways. With the Grain was composed for the guitarist David Starobin. The concerto's four movements are named after wood grains and their kinetic qualities. Imaginary Islands was commissioned by Justin Brown and the Alabama Symphony. The work is in three movements, each a kind of sonic landscape for an imaginary island. Lansky's music freely mixes popular and classical elements in works full of energy and fantasy.


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Paul Lansky

(Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra) (2007-08)
Quattro Mani (Susan Grace and Alice Rybak, duo-pianists)
Alabama Symphony Orchestra, Justin Brown, conductor

With The Grain (Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra) (2009)
David Starobin, guitar,
Alabama Symphony Orchestra, Justin Brown, conductor

Imaginary Islands, (2010)
Alabama Symphony Orchestra, Justin Brown, conductor.


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