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Charles Wuorinen
Works for violin and piano (1969-1983)

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“Wuorinen, the ultimate maximalist even when writing for solo piano, solo violin or the two together, composes music that is dense in notes and allusion. He demands much of performers—the two here are outstanding.” - Los Angeles Times

“This is music into which serious-minded artists and listeners can really sink their teeth.” - Musical America

“Speculum Musicae, New York’s remarkable ensemble devoted to contemporary music, plays three pieces in a 15th anniversary album. The performances give a perfect idea of Speculum’s extraordinary ability to make contemporary music sound easy and polished.” - The New York Times


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The Blue Bamboula (1980)
Six Pieces (1977)
Spinoff (1983)
The Long and the Short (1969)
Fantasia (1974)

Benjamin Hudson, violin
Garrick Ohlsson, piano
Speculum Musicae


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