Garrick Ohlsson performs: Franz Liszt, Volume 2

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Bridge is pleased to present Franz Liszt, Vol. 2, featuring keyboard titan, Garrick Ohlsson. Vol. 1 of the series (BRIDGE 9337), featuring Liszt's Sonata and Busoni's transcription of Liszt's Ad Nos Fantasy, received stellar reviews in the international press. Writing in Audiophile Audition, Gary Lemco opined that “Ohlsson raises the level of performance well above the merely virtuosic into the realm of demonized contrapuntal poetry, one of the great Liszt statements for the new millenium.” BBC Music Magazine remarked on Ohlsson's “impressive display of ego-free power and virtuosity...Ohlsson delivers with an objective immensity.” Vol. 2 is no let down, with Ohlsson offering an equal measure of poetry and keyboard thrills in a mixed program of Liszt's transcriptions (Bach and Beethoven) and favorites (Mephisto Waltz, No. 1, Funérailles, and Les Jeux d’eaux).



He manages to probe beneath the surface of the music and miraculously to do so without sacrificing any of its immediate rhetoric. Ohlsson also has an enviable sense of architecture. In sum, music-making that deserves to be savored. I hope that Bridge and Ohlsson have plans for continuing the series.” - Fanfare

Ohlsson cultivates a big, full sound throughout the breadth of every chord he essays. Of course, playing Liszt optimally is a matter of more than just technical skill. You must, in fact, approach interpreting Liszt through the technique required for the task. It is here that Ohlsson excels.” - Phil’s Classical Reviews


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Adelaide, S. 466 (Beethoven-Liszt)
Fantasy and Fugue, S. 463 (Bach-Liszt)
Les Jeux d’eaux á la Villa d’Este, S. 163

from Harmonies Poetiques et Religiuses, S. 173:
No. 3 Bénédiction de Dieu dans la solitude
No. 4 Funérailles; Nuages Gris, S. 199

from Vier kleine Klavierstücke, S. 192:
No. 2, in A flat major, Moderato; Mephisto Waltz
No. 1, S. 514


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