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Lazy Andy Ant - Music of Stefan Wolpe, Volume 5

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Volume 5 of Bridge's Stefan Wolpe series contains premiere recordings, and is the most musically wide-ranging of any of Bridge's Wolpe CD's to date. The disc begins with the delightful children's puppet show tale, Lazy Andy Ant, described by leading Wolpe authority, Austin Clarkson, as "a parable of the heroic artist, scorned, pilloried, and exiled, who never gives up hope that society can be redeemed by art." Suite for Marthe Krueger,for two pianos, is in three movements, and was composed for Marthe Krueger, a dancer/choreographer, and student of Martha Graham. The piece was never published, and was given its premiere by Quattro Mani in 2007, shortly before this recording was made. The songs on this disc span several decades and continents, and include art songs sung in German and English, and popular song arrangements sung in Hebrew. For those interested in one of the 20th century's least known, yet most fascinating musical personalities, this disc is highly recommended.



“This is Wolpe for people who don’t like Wolpe—or think they don’t—or who want a gentle, though sometimes challenging introduction to a great modernist. Excellent notes and full texts, as usual with Bridge. This is Volume 5 of a splendid series.” - American Record Guide


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Stefan Wolpe

Lazy Andy Ant  (1947) (Text by Helen Fletcher)
Patrick Mason (narrator); Zac Garcia (Andy)
Wendy Buzby (The Judge); Mathew Whitmore (The Anteater)
Quattro Mani (Susan Grace & Alice Rybak), pianos

Suite for Marthe Krueger (1940)
Quattro Mani (Alice Rybak & Susan Grace, pianos)

The Angel (1959) (Blake)
Rebecca Jo Loeb, mezzo-soprano; Ursula Oppens, piano

Two Songs for Baritone (1938)
I. Die Reichen (Heslova)
II. An Dich (Whitman)

O  Captain (1946) (Whitman)
Matt Boehler, bass-baritone; Ursula Oppens, piano

Songs of the Jewish Pioneers(1938) 
; Saleinu; Tel Aviv; Holem Tza'adi
Rebecca Jo Loeb, mezzo-soprano; Ursula Oppens, piano

To a  Theatre New (1961) (Winthrop Palmer)
Matt Boehler, bass-baritone; Ursula Oppens, piano


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