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David Starobin performs Mauro Giuliani, Volume 2

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David Starobin returns to the music of leading Italian composer/guitarist, Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829), with a disc featuring Giuliani's solo and chamber music. Among the rarities are Two Rondos, op. 68, for piano and guitar, performed with the Israeli pianist, Inon Barnatan; Variations, op. 24a, played with Amalia Hall, winner of the Postacchini International Violin Competition (2013); and Variations on a March by Cherubini, arguably the finest solo of the composer's late period. The Italian journal Il Fronimo (Milan) wrote of Starobin: "David Starobin has grasped the authentic spirit, aided by his perfect instrumental technique. Here, the music acquires its truest meaning, exalting the quality of phrasing as it is rarely ever heard. Starobin's is a truly influential artistry, a great personality who does honor to both music and the guitar." Also available: Starobin's Mauro Giuliani, Vol. 1 (BRIDGE 9029).


David Starobin’s playing throughout is elegant, highly fluent, balancing, as Giuliani’s music itself does, the bravura with the lyrical. Though the recordings were set down in three different venues, the sound is invariably fine—warm and very present—helping to make this a recommendable release whether you’re new to Giuliani or a longstanding admirer.” - Audiophile Audition


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Mauro Giuliani

Grand Variations on a Savoyard Theme, WoO (posth) (guitar solo)
Allegretto, op. 98, no. 4
Andantino, op. 98, no. 7
Prelude, op. 83, no. 1 (guitar solo)
Variations, op. 24a (violin & guitar)
Two Rondos, op. 68, (piano and guitar)
Prelude, op. 83, no. 4
Allegretto, op. 98, no. 8
Marcia di Cherubini Variata, op. 110, (guitar solo)
with Amalia Hall, violin; Inon Barnatan, piano


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