David Starobin: New Music with Guitar, Vol. 8

$ 14.99

David Starobin continues his award-winning New Music with Guitar series after a six year hiatus. Volume 8 includes two solo works and two chamber pieces in their premiere recordings. Starobin's own composition, Variations on a Theme by Carl Nielsen, takes Nielsen's “Song Behind the Plow”, first published in 1899, and subjects it to 12 variations. Paul Lansky's Partita for guitar and percussion is in four beautifully wrought and intricate movements. Six Pages by the Danish composer Poul Ruders, presents miniatures that range from light and comic to sustained and meditative. George Crumb's Ghosts of the Alhambra is a song cycle based on poems of Lorca, and features the distinguished American baritone, Patrick Mason. Starobin's influential new music recordings include his Grammy-nominated “Newdance” (BRIDGE 9084) and New Music with Guitar, Vol. 7 (BRIDGE 9239).

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David Starobin: Variations on a Theme by Carl Nielsen (2010)
David Starobin, guitar

Paul Lansky: Partita (2010)
David Starobin, guitar, Mari Yoshinaga, percussion

Poul Ruders: Six Pages (2008)
David Starobin, guitar

George Crumb: The Ghosts of Alhambra (Spanish Songbook I) (2009)
Patrick Mason, baritone, David Starobin,guitar, Daniel Druckman, percussion 


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