David Starobin, guitar
A Song from the East

$ 14.99

Gramophone Critic’s Choice





"Three remarkable pieces of music, all of it played with spirit, as is the whole CD. If you buy only one guitar disc in your life, make it this one!" - High Performance Review

“The guitar now flourishes in eastern Europe and, as this recording makes clear, it has been doing so for longer than most people realize. This is the kind of exposure the guitar currently needs and Starobin is exactly the kind of player it requires.” - Gramophone Critic’s Choice

“Starobin is as sensitive in his interpretations as he is inquisitive.” - Classical Records

“There is more fine and varied music here than I’ve heard much of anybody in classical music put together in a long while.” - Option Magazine

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Marek Sokolovsky: Etude in D major
Aleksandr Nemerovsky: Etude in A minor
Rezső Sugár: Hungarian Children's Songs
Aleksandr Ivanov-Kramskoi: I am Sitting on a Rock, Lullaby
György Kurtág: A kis csáva (guitar, piccolo, bass trombone)
Sándor Jemnitz: Trio (guitar, violin, viola)
Fernando Sor: Souvenir de Russie

David Starobin, guitar
Benjamin Hudson, violin
Kim Kashkashian, viola
Oren Fader, guitar
Susan Palma Nidel, piccolo
David Taylor, bass trombone


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