New Music with Guitar, Vol. 10
David Starobin

$ 14.99

David Starobin's New Music with Guitar series has been "in progress" since 1981. The latest installment by the guitarist called "arguably the most influential American classical guitarist of the twentieth century" (Soundboard Magazine), includes both instrumental and vocal music performed by Starobin with long time collegaues and collaborators including baritone Patrick Mason, soprano Rosalind Rees, pianist Vassily Primakov, violinist Movses Pogossian and violist Paul Coletti.


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Gregg Smith: Steps (1975)
Rosalind Rees, soprano
David Starobin, guitar

William Bland: Variations on a Theme by Carl Nielsen- "Underlige Aftenlufte" (2010)
David Starobin, guitar
Vassily Primakov, piano

Michael Starobin: Four Stevens (1992)
Patrick Mason, baritone
David Starobin, guitar

Paul Chihara: The Girl from Yerevan (2014)
David Starobin, guitar
Movses Pogossian, violin
Paul Coletti, viola

Poul Ruders: Oh, Mother (from the opera, "The Thirteenth Child") (2015)
Camille Zamora, soprano
Robert Belinic, guitar
Giovanni Andrea Zanon, violin
Jee Yoon Kim, violin
Thomas Howerton, viola
Blake Anthony Johnson, cello
David Starobin, conductor