Paul Lansky
Conversation Pieces (VOL. 5)

$ 14.99

“...the most ravishing new compact disc I’ve heard in years...Computer music’s most optimistic promises are completely fulfilled here in a disc so richly textured and lovely that I’d recommend it to anyone.” - Village Voice

“Mr. Lansky’s deliberate selection of finite timbres allows the careful listener to choose various modes of listening; one can either ‘listen in’ to the music, following the minute detail and filigree of contrapuntal gestures, or simply allow the pieces to wash over them as as soundscape...the disc comes alive, the details take on a three-dimensional scene, and whether for relaxation or study, the works are appreciable.” - Project Muse



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For the Moment


Now That You Mention It

Same Scene, Nine Years Later



Paul Lansky, keyboards & computer


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