Paul Lansky: Idle Fancies

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This exceptionally beautiful recording presents Paul Lansky's complete music for solo marimba, performed by the young marimba virtuoso, Gwendolyn Dease. The composer writes: "One of the highlights of my life as a composer occurred when I got an email from Gwendolyn Burgett Dease pointing me to a video of her wonderful performance of "Idle Fancies". Her performance of the piece was so excellent that it took me quite a while to lift my jaw from the floor."  Ms. Dease returns the compliment giving the listener performances that are bouncy and seductive.

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Paul Lansky:
Spirals (2013) solo marimba
Three Moves (1998) solo marimba
Idle Fancies (2008) marimba with percussion (one player)

Gwendolyn Dease, marimba


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