Paul Lansky: Textures and Threads (VOL. 13)

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Textures is Paul Lansky's new work, composed for the group Hammer/Klavier (two pianists and two percussionists) and is a major addition to the repertoire for this combination. Its eight movements last 30 minutes and explore the wide expressive range of this unique combo. This is the work's premiere recording. In the decade since its composition, Paul Lansky's Threads for 4 percussionists has become one of the most frequently performed pieces for percussion ensemble, played and recorded by dozens of professional and university ensembles. Threads is given a wildly dynamic ride in this new recording by the Time Travellers.



Textures examines the shifting role of the piano. Lansky shifts the viewpoint back and forth. Sometimes he has the pianos play percussively while the percussion instruments weave delicate melodies, sometimes the reverse. Sometimes he has both act like indefinite pitched instruments, sometimes all play melodically. Lansky's changing viewpoints keep the listener engaged.” - WTJU91.1FM

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Paul Lansky

Textures (2012-13)
Svet Stoyanov, percussion 1; Gwendolyn Burgett, percussion 2
Thomas Rosenkranz, piano 1; Michael Sheppard, piano 2

Threads (2005)
Time Travellers:
Gwendolyn Burgett, percussion 1; Svet Stoyanov, percussion 2
Ian Rosenbaum, percussion 3; Ayano Kataoka, percussion 4


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