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New Music with Guitar, Vol. 1-3
David Starobin, guitar

$ 14.99

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"This is another example of Bridge's characteristically intelligent, pragmatic packaging. Starobin is an energetic, sure-fingered, vibrant performer. The recording is superb, resonant and live enough to clearly hear the whisk of his fingers across the fingerboard. It's a pleasure to have Starobin's playing on CD." - Fanfare

“Starobin’s playing is of such brilliant and searching assurance that everything sounds idiomatic.” - Boston Globe

“His is a truly influential artistry, a great personality, who does honor to both music and the guitar.” - IL Fronimo, Milan

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Stephen Sondheim, arr. Michael Starobin
Sunday Song Set (1984, baritone and guitar)

Elliott Carter
Changes (1983, solo guitar)

Toru Takemitsu
Toward the Sea (1981, guitar and alto flute)

Hans Werner Henze
Carillon, Récitatif, Masque (1974, guitar, harp and mandolin)

John Anthony Lennon
Another's Fandango (1981, solo guitar)

Barbara Kolb
Three Lullabies (1980, solo guitar)

William Bland
A Fantasy-Homage to Victoria (1977, solo guitar)

Milton Babbitt
Composition for Guitar (1984, solo guitar)

David Starobin, guitar
Patrick Mason, baritone
Susan Palma Nidel, alto flute
Peter Press, mandolin
Susan Jolles, harp


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