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New Music with Guitar, Vol. 5
David Starobin, guitar

$ 14.99


“Only a guitarist of the highest technical skill and musical insight could play and empathize with these works: Starobin is a model of the ilk, teamed with other players of similar caliber. This is a remarkable and magnificently recorded disc, nothing less than a milestone in the progress of the twentieth-century guitar.” - Gramophone


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Mel Powell: Setting (1986)
Milton Babbitt: Soli e Duetini (1989)
Tom Flaherty: Cross-Currents (1989)
Roger Reynolds: The Behaviour of Mirrors (1986)
Mario Davidovsky: Synchronisms #10 (1992)

David Starobin, guitar
Todd Seelye, guitar
Anderson/Fader Guitar Duo (Oren Fader, William Anderson)
Elgart/Yates Guitar Duo (Matthew Elgart, Peter Yates)
SMU Meadows Symphony Orchestra
David Milnes, conductor


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