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The Great Regondi, Vol. 2

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“The natural home of Regondi’s music is the salon, where the passionate nature of his performances was directly communicated to his close-at-hand audiences. We cannot recapture that personal immediacy but these discs, made by the cream of the specialists, come as close to it as anyone is likely to get.” - Gramophone

“In short, this disc is a great introduction to an unjustly neglected talent, and a lot of just plain enjoyable listening too.” - High Performance Review

“If this delightful music were on a movie soundtrack, it could start a whole new vogue for the concertina.” - The Boston Globe


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Giulio Regondi, composer

Four Songs for Soprano and Piano
Leisure Moments for Concertina and Piano
Introduction et Caprice, Op. 23 for Guitar
Rêverie, Op. 19 for Guitar
Remembrance for Baritone Concertina

The Giulio Regondi Guild
D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano
Douglas Rogers, treble and baritone concertina
David Starobin, guitar
Julie Lustman, piano


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