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Fernando Sor: Les Plus Belles Pages
David Starobin, guitar

$ 14.99 10/10 "Highest Rating"

This CD presents a collection of 14 of Fernando Sor's (1778-1839) finest compositions. From the early Op. 6, 12 Etude–one of Sor's most transcendent pieces- to the late, experimental "Fantaisie Villageoise" (the work contains what is probably the first usage of multiphonics on any instrument) David Starobin's readings probe the poetry and compositional beauty of Sor's unique art. Starobin performs all of this music on a 1923 Herman Hauser guitar–a small instrument that was modeled after an early 19th century Viennese design. In recent years, David Starobin's performances of 19th century music on period instruments have earned the American virtuoso numerous critical encomiums. Writing of a Starobin performance in Milan's "Il Fronimo", the journal stated that "Starobin has grasped the authentic spirit, aided by his perfect instrumental technique. Here, the music acquires its truest meaning with exalted phrasing, as it is rarely heard." Reviewing Starobin's last Sor recording in "Gramophone", critic Jed Distler writes that "Starobin evokes the virtuosity of Artur Schnabel's Beethoven". And NPR's "All Things Considered" said: "David Starobin's interpretations are both sparkling and tender. Every note, every nuance, every gesture seems part of one clearly imagined vision. More than a virtuoso, Starobin is a champion for musical truth."


“Starobin has persuaded me that I do need this disc, and if he should give us more, I suspect I would need that one too. Adam Abeshouse’s ideally warm and clear sonics, along with very intelligent notes, provide the icing on the cake. Wonderful!” - (10/10 Highest Rating)

“Fine guitar sound and superb playing from Starobin.” - Audiophile Audition

“Starobin has a fine list of accomplishments – high on the list should be his efforts in getting repertory like this taken seriously.” - Gramophone


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Fernando Sor

Studio No. 23 in G major, Op. 29, No. 23

Studio No. 17 in C major, Op. 29, No. 17
Studio No. 12 in A major, Op. 6, No. 12
Allegro moderato in e minor, Op. 35, No. 24
Fantaisie villageoise, Op. 52
Cantabile in A major, Op. 47, No. 5
Andante in d minor, Op. 47, No. 1
Leçon No. 13 in C major, Op. 31, No. 13
Menuet in F major, Op. 24, No. 6
Andantino in a minor, Op. 44, No. 22
Rondeau in D major, Op. 48, No. 6
Introduction et Thême Varié, Op. 20
Andantino in A major, Op. 60, No. 23

David Starobin, guitar


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