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Paul Lansky: Music Box (VOL. 9)

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Bridge is pleased to present Paul Lansky's latest collection of new electronic compositions. This spectacular collection contains Lansky's most expressive work to date- from the exhilarating virtuosity of his latest hiphop-inspired 'chatter' piece, to the introverted lyricism of his Pavane Noir. Lansky writes that "For the past several years I've been in a reactive phase when it comes to making electronic music. Rather than exploring 'new sonic realms' or looking for 'new ways of hearing the world' I've been turning to the computer for more old-fashioned tasks. On five of the tracks (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) I sing, for want of a better term. My efforts range from the serious, Pavane Noir, and Two by Two, to the oddball, B-O-B-O, PassaKaglia, to the celebratory, Wordless. Chatter of Pins, is a response to an invitation by Keith and Mende Obadike to contribute a track of music inspired by hiphop. The text, spoken by me and by my wife, Hannah MacKay, is from an old English folksong, A Paper of Pins, in which a suitor woos a maid with different proposals, only to meet rejection until he offers her the key to his desk and, consequently, his money. She accepts but he then declines when he realizes she loves his money more than him."



“Lansky’s formidable compositional technique and restless inventiveness keep the music from being predictable. This collection should be of strong interest to fans of new music and electronic music, as well as anyone interested in the cross-pollination of new classical music with popular music, in which pop holds the upper hand.” - AllMusic (Stephen Eddins)



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Paul Lansky

Chatter of Pins
Pavane Noir
On F
Two by Two
Composition Project for Seniors
The Joy of F# Minor
Music Box


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