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Poul Ruders and David Starobin
Guitar Concertos and Solos
Ruders Edition Vol. 11

$ 14.99

"The long and intimate collaboration between Poul Ruders, the brilliant composer, and David Starobin, the splendid guitarist, (who also happens to be David Starobin, the successful record executive--co-founder of Bridge Records)--has led to some of the most challenging and original compositions in the modern guitar repertory. Consider this a kind of "greatest hits" for the modern classical guitar." - This disc compiles 4 award-winning recordings of works that Danish composer Poul Ruders has written for the guitarist, David Starobin. "Psalmodies" is an eleven movement ‘concerto-concert suite' that begins that ends with movements for solo guitar, and displays a wide range of emotions–from introspective to circus-like. Starobin and Speculum Musicae's performance was named a Fanfare 'Best of Year'. "Etude and Ricercare" is a sober 13 minute essay in pure polyphony. Originally on BRIDGE 9057, the recording was a Gramophone "Editor's Choice". "Chaconne" is a short meditative solo that was originally on Starobin's "Newdance". Newdance won the 2000 "Indie" for "Best Solo CD of the Year" and a Grammy nomination for "Best Solo Performance". "Paganini Variations" (originally released on BRIDGE 9122) is a high-spirited concerto based on Paganini's famous 24th Caprice. Given a 10-10 (highest rating) by, critic David Hurwitz wrote: "Poul Ruders' music is expressionistic in the best sense of the term: exciting, extreme, violent, hallucinatory, and often strikingly beautiful–it grabs you by the throat and never lets go. How guitarist David Starobin gets all of those notes under his fingers is anyone's guess, but manage it he does. It's an amazingly virtuosic display of supreme musicianship."



“It goes without saying that Starobin and the ensemble play marvelously, and we can assume that the presence of the composer lends the performance his personal stamp of approval. In short, this disc represents everything expected of a contemporary music disc: worthy music superbly played and recorded by the artist that inspired it. You can’t ask for more than that.” - (10/10 Highest Rating)

“David Starobin does an outstanding job on guitar, playing music that demands the highest virtuoso technique. The production values of this set of recordings is of the highest level, and the recordings are very well engineered. Thank you, Poul Ruders and David Starobin. You have elevated me, I hope, on my spiritual path.” - Audiophile Audition



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Poul Ruders

Psalmodies (Guitar Concerto No. 1)
Etude and Ricercare
Paganini Variations (Guitar Concerto No. 2)

Odense Symphony Orchestra
Jan Wagner, conductor

Speculum Musicae
Donald Palma, conductor


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